Welcome to our blog which explores, from our sisterly point of view, and in a lighthearted way how best to deal with the ups and downs of life.

Rachel started this blog soon after developing the condition of alopecia universalis. She was keen to show how we can all live our best lives, regardless of whether we have hair.  She asked Liz to join her in this adventure: she wanted other people to benefit from Liz’s wisdom and knowledge about how to make changes for the better.

We hope you find the site entertaining and informative. If you have any questions/thoughts/suggestions, please e-mail us at wearebaldasbrass@gmail.com

For more information on Alopecia please visit the Alopecia UK Website.


It is important to note that neither of us have any medical or other professional qualifications. All advice, information, suggestions, ideas provided on this blog represent only our own opinions, based on our life experiences. Please bear this in mind before you consider making any changes as a result of anything we have written and consult your doctor if necessary.