Words I never thought I’d say; “I love my health tracker”


The never ending cycle of weight-loss and diet management continues.  It manifests in different forms but the result is still the same – I am still overweight and unfit.

I battle with the inner conflict of what I should do vs what I want to do.  I have attended diet clubs – with reasonable success at the time, but as all these things do, if the ritual is not adhered to, the weight piles back on.

Even the Activity app on my Apple Watch made me feel under pressure today as it threw up a notification saying “Rachel, your move ring didn’t make a lot of progress yesterday.  Bet you can close it today”.

This would traditionally fuel my ‘rebel’ side and send me into a binge eating frenzy, sticking two fingers up to being healthy!! But who is that hurting? ME!  So, today, I find myself thinking S**T! You’re right, Move Ring, I sat around watching TV all day yesterday.  OK, it was Christmas Day, so I am not going to beat myself up or lose any sleep over my lack of productivity. But I am happy to use it as motivation to get going again today, and from now on.

I am looking forward to a whole new relationship with my personal health tracker. No more will I see it as an anti-hero, stamping all over any fun and happiness in my life. I can see how much more productive it will be to treat it as a supportive effective critical friend, on my side and holding my hand as I work towards my goals.

It was so funny to learn that Rachel was writing about this topic today. Despite us being at opposite ends of the country I have had the exact same experience! Steve and I had a very quiet day at home yesterday (see our previous post on this). We had hoped to venture out for a Christmas walk at some point, but the weather was far too wet and dreary. So we stayed put, with the effect that today I woke up feeling extremely doughy and stiff (and yes, like Rach, overweight and unfit).

Happily it has been a lovely sunny day today. Coupled with the sprinkling of snow we had overnight, Edinburgh looks gorgeous – the perfect weather for stepping out for a stretch of the legs. I find the concept of hitting 10,000 steps in a day to be a useful benchmark. Steve and I like to aim for this as an average over a month – some days it is not possible to do as much walking because of commitments, illness etc. As a result of our walk today, I have clocked up 5,698 steps. Not too bad as a starting point – none of us needs to be perfect, remember! My aim is to be back up at an average of 10,000 steps by the end of January. I am really looking forward to feeling great as a result!


  1. Doughy and stiff describe the post Christmas state of body most perfectly. Many years ago I had one of the early step counters. It got some exercise then it died from lack of love and/or boredom. I was very unkind to it. I am glad your health checkers are receiving love and attention. Everyone will benefit. 🙂

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  2. Well done, both of you! We managed a short walk on Boxing Day on a fine day sandwiched in between very wet and windy ones. I have never had a Fitbit or health tracker and I sometimes think it would be interesting to see how much walking I do each day.

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    1. My health tracker is available by default as it is part of my Apple watch – I love all things tech and have simply benefited from the other functions available and mainly ignored the gentle reminders the watch gives regarding wellbeing (I would have disabled the feature but it’s not that easy!! LOL!) until now.
      I will report back if it turns out to be more helpful than I have previously given it credit for.
      I don’t count steps specifically but Liz does. I just need to be reminded to stand up once in a while 😂😂😂😂

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      1. I am hopeless with anything technical! My husband sighs and raises his eyebrows when I ask him to re-explain how to do things for the umpteenth time! Whatever I get has to be really simple to follow otherwise it gets abandoned in no time at all! 😀

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        1. Ah well I am used to teaching technology to people as I did that for a while – it was especially popular for people who had eyebrow-raising family members! 🙂
          It’s not for everyone! Different strokes for different Folks eh!

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