“Accepting who you are and leading with love – not feeling caged in by other peoples perception”

“I think the reward for conformity is everyone likes you but yourself”.
– Rita Mae Brown

After our recent post on empowerment and beauty it came as an unexpected co-incidence that I watched The Greatest Showman this weekend.  Whilst ultimately the story is of P.T Barnam making his success from exploiting ‘freaks’ it also illustrates the fundamental message of be you, whoever you are.  

In an interview about the movie, Hugh Jackman suggests that Barnam’s message is “What makes you different defines you and what makes you special, own it”.  Zac Efron, who plays Phillip Carlyle, says the story promotes “Accepting who you are and leading with love not feeling caged in by other peoples perception”

Personally, I loved the film in all its cheesiness and I believe the Director had every intention to make it in a bid to change the social norm.  But whatever your take on the film might be, for someone like me who had very low self worth until losing my hair which helped me understand that beauty is, indeed within – the music is uplifting, the words are poignant and the message is relevant.

Below is a behind the scenes video showing broadway actress Keala Settle singing the ‘anthemic empowerment’ song “This is Me” during an early workshop of all the songs.  You go girl!!!

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  1. Hi Rach. I can see why you loved the film so much and why you found that song so relevant. So when are you going to record it? I reckon you could smash it but in your very own way. X


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