Just 10 Minutes More…

Does the title of this post sound familiar? Is it, of a version of it, something you say to yourself in the morning as you press ‘snooze’ yet again? Or how about late at night when you are working through your favourite Box Set, even though you know in your heart that you should go to sleep?

Of course we all know that when we are in this sort of mood, those 10 minutes can turn into hours if we are not careful. But I think the ‘just 10 more minutes’ mantra can be put to much better use.

Last month, Rachel and I wrote about the need to increase the amount of exercise we were doing. I said then that I was aiming to get back up to an average of 10,000 steps per day through January. Here we are well in to February. My step average for 2018 so far? 4,337. I have actually managed to go backwards since the last post! 😩

So I have decided to try a slightly different tack. I was interested to see this BBC news item by British journalist Michael Mosley, which suggests that the 10,000 step benchmark has rather arbitrary origins and that, instead, we should be aiming for 10 minutes of ‘brisk’ activity. This is because short bursts of moderately intense exercise (which can include walking at an ‘I’m late for something’ speed) have been shown in recent tests to be more effective in promoting good physical health than prolonged activity at lower intensity levels.

I decided to conduct my own mini experiment. How far would I need to walk from my front door, at a slightly brisker pace than normal, to clock up those 10 minutes? I assessed it by bus stops. I knew that it was about 5 minutes to my nearest stop, so I powered on past that without a second glance. By the second stop I was a mere 7 minutes in. I hit the 10 minute mark around about the third stop, which was surprising to me. I would not have expected to travel as far as that in such a short time.

I’m not yet convinced that the aim of 10,000 steps a day should be totally abandoned. Surely it must be beneficial in some way to be covering that much ground – at the very least, time spent this way is reduced sitting-down time. But I can also see the merits of the ’10-minute active’ approach. Telling myself that I’m just going to walk for 10 minutes seems very manageable. And of course, once you get going, there’s always scope for more.

Let’s see what happens…

Considering I am currently in training for the London Moonwalk in May (more ‘words you never thought you would hear me say’) I think I need to take the 10-more-minute approach when I am out doing my walks.  At the moment, I am in the early stages of my training plan and I therefore only need to do 4 miles each time.  However, in a couple of weeks I shall be expected to have worked up to 10 miles and then – and I am trying not to think about it – 22 flippin’ miles! All in time for the 26 mile walk.

Despite the fabulous views (and I am lucky enough to have plenty around me) I find walking in the countryside boring – there I have said it – I count the steps to when I reach my turnaround point and do the absolute bare minimum.  But, and especially as I want to enjoy the experience, I need to change my attitude, and fast.  So for my next walk I shall be more mindful of my surroundings, enjoy the view and push myself just a little further.  On my last walk I started to listen to the audio book of ‘Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine’ by Gail Honeyman, which did take the edge off.  I

These experiences are made to help shape us (in more ways than one) and so it must also be said that I need to always remember why I am doing it…

Walking the Walk can save lives, raise awareness and get you fit, so what an opportunity to do something for yourself that will also benefit not only cancer patients today, but with research that we fund, the future health of us all.
– taken from the website

You can click on my page here if you would like to make a donation. 😀


*Main Photo by Lindsay Henwood on Unsplash


  1. I love the idea of “just 10 minutes more…”. We are bound by the constraints of time and space, however I believe that 10 minutes is all it takes to transform our lives. One thing I know for certain – spending 10 minutes on this blog is the best way to begin my day. Sending hugs from Vancouver!

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  2. You know I have my goal on 10 000 too and just don’t manage it either. I did last year much better, now I seem to struggle. I have heard it with the 10 minutes too and will try to do the 10 minutes in my lunch brake, let’s see how far I get…. and then I cna say , just 10 minutes more 🙂


  3. I must get a pedometer and find out how far I walk each day. I do seem to spend a lot of the day on my feet but I don’t go far though! The 10 minutes of intense activity/fast walking would suit me better I think, but I’m not sure I’d be able to do 10 minutes more straight away. I’d have to build up the extra time incrementally!
    Rachel – well done for choosing to Walk the Walk! Such a good cause and the extra money you earn for them will be so much appreciated!

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    1. It can be surprising how many steps we clock up just by being busy around the house and garden. Having said that, it can also be a motivator to look and see that one has ‘only’ covered, say, a couple of thousand steps – it can be an encouragement to get out and do more. That’s when the 10 min aspect becomes helpful. And thank you so much for your generous donation to Rachel. xxx

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  4. I aim for at least 10,000 a day and I don’t think the 10 minutes brisk walking would work for me. But I have plenty of time and unlike you, Rachel, I enjoy walking in the countryside. (That said, you will often find me eager for the turnaround point when it’s wet/cold/windy…. ) I do think little and often is a good thing though: I love my fitbit, which reminds to walk a minimum of 250 steps per hour. It’s very easy – especially if I’m at the computer – for me to lose several hours on the trot without moving from the chair! Really, it’s whatever works for each of us I think. The more we move – however we move – the better it must be 🙂

    (Good luck with the Moonwalk, Rachel; what a great experience it will be!)

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    1. Completely agree on all counts. I have just finished a very basic yoga routine (I haven’t done any yoga for ages) and even just doing a series of gentle stretches feels beneficial. Just as well – highly unlikely that I will get in 10,000 steps in today’s weather! 🙂

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