Liz and Rachel: Our story so far….

We haven’t always been the best of sisterly friends. For the majority of our childhood, we were at each other’s throats most of the time. But as the years have passed, we have developed a deep and close relationship, which allows us to tackle joint projects such as this blog with verve and gusto.


I lost my hair in April 2017.  I went from a full head of thick blonde hair to having Alopecia Universalis in just two weeks.

This particular life event finally made me see that I am made of strong stuff.  I came to terms with my bald look very quickly.

That being said, I do acknowledge this particular condition should come with a warning that life will become a rollercoaster ride even more so than before.   When I catch myself in a mirror and I am reminded that I have no hair, it can be hard, sad and disheartening.  But most days, I wake up and feel thankful that I don’t have to go through the traditional hair washing and styling routine!


When Rachel and I describe ourselves to other people, we usually say that she is the ‘mad’ one, and I am the sensible one.

Sometimes I would prefer to be mad and whacky like Rachel. But in most cases, I am pleased to be able to contribute knowledge and support to help her with life’s challenges. Let’s be clear, Rachel helps me massively too. She is thoughtful, kind and patient – often gently pushing me to confront issues which I would rather avoid. As sisters, we make a good team.


1974 Liz and Rachel 1974 Pembroke holiday