Maybelline Eyebrow Tattoo Pen

Drawing on eyebrows continues to be a bit of nightmare.  I very rarely get it right first time.  Also, I find it really embarrassing when I look in a mirror halfway through the day and notice that one of the little tinkers has rubbed off.  Sometimes I remember to take out with me a touch up kit but more often than not I simply rub off the other to match.

Recently, I have found the Maybelline Eyebrow Tattoo pen to work like a dream.  You do have to be confident in getting it right pretty much first time because it dries quite quickly.  I tend to use a eyebrow pencil first to get the length right and to match each eyebrow but then, once the tattoo pen is on, it lasts all day.

Here is a video of me applying it with a photo at the end of the day to show how effective it is.